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What is traffic colour?

Traffic paint is produced for use in traffic purposes. Depending on their usage, these colours have different types, such as cold, warm and multi-component traffic colours. This colour can be used for painting concrete surfaces, asphalt, swimming pools, and traffic. Streets and parking lots are all marked with traffic colours. These colours have high resistance. Traffic paints are produced using acrylic, vinyl and thermoplastic resins.

Traffic colour usages

Different types of traffic colours can be used in other places. These places are:

  • Delineation of sports halls, car racing routes and the route at the airport
  • Determining the parking space, the direction of movement, the range of lanes and the road boundary
  • Dragging traffic symbols such as; stop, bus, danger, activity, etc.
  • The colour of street markings, such as pedestrian lines, streets, highways and roads

What materials is traffic paint made of?

Many people need to learn what the ingredients of traffic paint are and what made this paint last so long.

For this reason, in this section, we would like to introduce the main ingredients of this colour to you. These materials include:

Acrylic resin: Acrylic resin is a polymer material with excellent chemical and photochemical resistance in various industries. The advantage of this type of resin is its high coverage and non-toxicity. This material also shows good resistance against water and humidity and is very safe against UV rays and atmospheric features. This material has a great variety and good hardness and is transparent.

Thermoplast: Thermoplast is a polymer material that melts without changing its chemical properties and can be connected to other polymers. These materials have excellent thermal resistance, and their mechanical properties do not change much due to the increase in temperature.

Chloro rubber: Chloro rubber resin is made of flexible polymer chains and is available in the market as a white powder. About 65% of chlorine is used in this material, which is a good option for covering cement, steel or iron surfaces.

For this reason, they are one of the leading materials in all types of traffic and industrial paints. This material can withstand temperatures up to 60 degrees Celsius and is also very resistant to mineral acids.

Vinyl: Vinyl is also a type of plastic made from a combination of materials such as ethylene and chlorine. This material has excellent strength against sharp objects and is very compatible with the environment.

The importance of traffic colour

Since alleys, streets, highways and roads are considered the primary and most vital communication arteries within and outside the city, securing them is particularly important. In this regard, road markings and traffic signs make vehicles move in the right direction and minimize the possibility of accidents. For this reason, marking the roads and drawing guiding and warning signs on the asphalt is very important. Unique colours called traffic paint are used to do this and insert signs and symbols on the asphalt.

Elixir traffic paint can withstand adverse weather conditions and have high abrasion resistance.

Characteristics of traffic colours

Traffic paint is used in high-traffic areas and is constantly exposed to environmental factors such as sunlight, snow or rain; It must have specific characteristics.

Of course, these features are different in different types of traffic colours. For this reason, each of them is used in a particular place.

High penetrating power: To maintain traffic paint stability for a long time, It must have high penetration power. This means that it should be able to penetrate well into its lower surface, like asphalt, and thus not be destroyed by various factors.

Resistance to the sun’s rays: If you need to learn the importance of this feature in traffic paint, we must tell you that this type of paint is primarily used in open spaces; For this reason, they are constantly exposed to the sun. If the sun’s rays cause the colour to fade and destroy its transparency; The municipality will have to use a large part of its forces to paint these lines every day; Therefore, traffic colours should show good resistance to sun rays and other environmental factors and not lose their properties.

No change in colour due to environmental factors: In addition to these, one of the characteristics of various types of traffic colours is of particular importance; No colour change due to sunlight; Because the colour of traffic signs is crucial in guiding drivers or warning them. Therefore, under no circumstances should these colours be changed or lost.

High abrasion resistance: traffic colours are usually used on the road floor or parking lot; For this reason, many cars or pedestrians pass over them and thus create high friction. These colours should have excellent resistance to wear to maintain their original state for a long time with the most negligible change due to this daily traffic.

High drying speed: Another critical feature of traffic paint is its drying speed; It is clear that people do not want traffic stains to penetrate different parts of the car, such as tires while driving on the road or in the parking lot. Therefore, the traffic colours should dry as soon as they are used and not penetrate other objects.

Essential factors in the durability of traffic paint

In addition to the factors mentioned, other factors affect the durability of traffic paint on the road and asphalt. For example, suppose the wheel chains are used in the winter, or the snow removal is done with snow removal machines. In that case, it causes the durability of the traffic paint to decrease many times.

The use of studded ice-breaking tires, sand and salt to de-ice roads in the winter, and other similar factors are all involved in reducing the life of traffic paint. On the other hand, the lack of rain on the roads and environmental pollution cause these colours to accumulate and fade after time.

Another factor affecting the life and durability of traffic colours is oil and fuel leakage from vehicles, which causes some colours, hot colours, to dissolve in them.

But one of the most critical factors affecting the durability of traffic paint is the appropriate substructure for asphalt. If the asphalt of the road and street does not have and applying traffic paint, longitudinal and transverse cracks will be created paint after covering and applying traffic on the road and damage the paint.

The End

Colours used for road markings; It is the most straightforward answer that can be given to the question of what traffic colour is. Still, you should know that the characteristics of various types of traffic paint, such as high durability and high resistance to wear and environmental factors, make it a suitable option for use in open environments. But it is good to know that traffic paint is only one type of industrial paint, and countless other types of paint are included under this paint. Farto Traffic Company offers products such as traffic paint. You can buy through this website or contact the experts.