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We wait for the traffic light to turn green every time we leave the house. It doesn’t matter if we go out on foot shopping or travel across the country in our car on an adventure trip. Every day, we come across different types of traffic lights, which are part of the most critical traffic equipment necessary for today’s life. When we hear the name of the traffic light, we unconsciously remember traffic lights at intersections. Still, other types of traffic lights are used to control traffic. If you want to learn more about the types of traffic lights, follow us to the end.

The concept of colours in traffic lights

As we said, the traffic light consists of three colours: green, red and yellow, each of which has a different meaning; People who see any of these colours must follow an order or face fines. Green colour: When the traffic light shows green, you can confidently cross the desired place. Yellow colour: the yellow light means warning and caution, changing from green to red; Of course, as long as the yellow light is visible, you can pass the desired place with more caution. Red colour: When the red colour is shown, you must come to a complete stop and wait for the traffic light to change colour.

Classification of traffic lights in terms of manufacturing technology

The traffic light is one of the traffic control equipment which is very important to install in high-traffic centres. This light has many effects in reducing accidents and damages. These lights prevent people and cars from entering the exact path simultaneously. These systems, by planning and controlling the movement of vehicles and pedestrians, significantly impact establishing order and security.

Lamp traffic light

The halogen traffic light is one of the oldest and most used lights. This lamp traffic light or lamp flasher works with city electricity. They have a very reasonable price, and replacing them in case of damage is elementary. But on the other hand, due to the low light and the high possibility of incandescent lamps burning, LED lamps replaced them.

LED traffic lights

Three-colour LED traffic lights have a longer lifespan than the bulb type. The material of these types of lights is mainly high-quality polycarbonate, and they are very resistant to sunlight, UV rays and acid rain. They have low power consumption and very high resolution. These lights are made from LED bulbs or electronic lights.

Solar traffic lights

Solar traffic lights are one of the latest models that are environmentally friendly. They do not need city electricity and work only with sunlight. These lights supply and store the energy they need from the sun.

Electric traffic light for blind people

One of the problems of colour-blind people is recognizing the colour of traffic lights. For this reason, different shapes and sounds are used in the design. This design ensures the clarity of these people.

Flashing electric traffic light

Flashing traffic lights or wigwag are red flashing lights. It is usually installed in level crossings, bridges, and emergency service stations such as fire stations, which are available in the market in single-house, two-house and three-house models.

Flash traffic light

Arrows indicate the direction of movement in busy intersections and three-way intersections.

Smart electric traffic light

These lights have a system that updates every few seconds and receives new information. The presence of these signs in the city allows citizens to save time.

Essential features of traffic lights

Traffic lights are used to control traffic, so their presence in the city, intersections, roads, etc., is essential; Because it can prevent accidents, accidents and damages caused by them. Some of its important features are:

  • Reduction of traffic
  • Saving time for car passengers
  • Traffic prioritization (public and private vehicles)
  • Reducing accidents and damages
  • Reducing vehicle fuel consumption
  • The ability to phase and schedule traffic lights
  • Increasing safety by producing all kinds of traffic lights

When the traffic light was invented, the manufacturers faced severe limitations in choosing their materials. Still, today with the invention of the LED traffic light, traffic lights are no longer limited to simple concepts. Still, much more complex ideas can be created in time. The emergency was transmitted using these types of lights. For more information about the price and how to buy traffic lights, visit the Farto Traffic website.

Traffic lights suitable for colour-blind people

For people who have trouble seeing colours, distinguishing the colour of a traffic light can be a daily challenge, especially in places where these lights are installed horizontally. Look at the design below; its creative designer has used different colours and shapes to show the concept of “stop” and “movement”. This will avoid any confusion. The traffic light for colour-blind people is one of the most practical of all traffic lights.

Since these people cannot see colours, shapes such as a hand or a person standing in wait and moving during green are used to identify them. Traffic lights with sound are also used for people who are blind. These people can move after hearing a person’s voice or wait for the light to turn green.

Manufacturer of traffic lights

Currently, many manufacturers are active in traffic equipment production and deliver their products to customers with the best quality; Farto Traffic company, with a long history of activity in traffic equipment, has provided a safe and extensive platform for your dear companions.

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