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Another traffic separation equipment, which is widely used in the passageways of vehicles, is a base cone, and due to the shape of the cone, it has been used up to a large cross-sectional area. The sizeable static cross-section of this product has made it possible to use it in different slopes.

The conical part of this product is often designed in red colours so that it can be seen well from a long distance. It is usually produced in very resistant plastic material, which will cause very little damage if any vehicle hits this traffic equipment. He sees, and in return, very little damage is done to the car and the related vehicle. In the design of this product, they also use a reflective strip, which makes it possible for drivers to see in the late hours of the night.

Traffic cone

Traffic cones were initially made of concrete, but they changed to lightweight cones made of thermoplastic and first-class rubber compounds after some time. A traffic cone is one of the vital traffic obstacles in terms of safety. which is used to isolate and block the path or the place of the accident. This type of cone is made in the shape of a sugar cone and is made of plastic. Usually, this structure is used in necessary and necessary cases by municipal organizations, guidance and firefighters on streets and roads, highways and different places in the city.

Cones are made in different dimensions, ranging from 30 cm to one meter in height. You can determine the size of the cone you need by using the traffic cone and its location.

Usage of traffic cone

The types of traffic cones and the use of each determine the place of its use. For example, cones with night colours are used depending on the types of traffic signs with 1 or 2 colours to reflect light at night or in places with low light. Orange safety cones are familiar on highways and city streets worldwide and are widely used in road construction.

The usage of the traffic cone in the construction site is to specify the traffic lane from the work site. It is used for minor and short-term road maintenance. In construction works, drivers are warned about possible and invisible dangers such as potholes and bumps in the road. They are also seen in parking lots, sports fields and even in residential areas where more caution is required.

Various colours of traffic cones

Traffic cones have different models and types. The types of traffic cones in terms of colour according to the American standard are:

  • Green and white colour combination: this type of cone is meant to show the route of safe lines for driving.
  • The combination of yellow and white colours means you cannot stop in this range. These cones are primarily used in places with heavy traffic.
  • The combination of blue and white colours is used for cones to show the facilities on top of the roof. These cones represent cables in the upper part of the structures.
  • Green colour: This indicates the entry section of a project on a highway or road and draws the attention of drivers to the section.
  • Yellow Color: This colour informs workers that there is high voltage in the area where they are working, and it is even suitable for showing moderate danger to drivers of heavy machinery.

Characteristics of traffic cones

The colours used in constructing these cones give drivers a better view while driving at night and immediately identify the danger zone. One of the main reasons for the red colour for traffic cones is the possibility of better visibility at night. Using a plastic floor on top of the traffic cone has caused them not to be damaged when vehicles hit these traffic signs because they are highly flexible, and this causes these cones not to be damaged or broken.

The rules for using different types of traffic cones and the use of each one

All traffic cones are designed to be light and portable and can be seen at night. Some of its varieties can be connected to warning signs with rods and chains installed on the ground. It is necessary and necessary to know the types of traffic cones and the use of each of them according to different colours and sizes and the instructions for using them to solve traffic.

Cones are for traffic control, and traffic laws enforce height, colour, and light reflection standards. Also, requirements related to the size and weight of materials used in the safety cone for specific weather conditions should be considered.

Manufacturer of traffic cones

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Buying traffic cones

You can visit our website to buy and check the specifications of various types of traffic products according to the different types of usages and types of structures that we mentioned for this type of traffic cones and place your order online.

You can also contact our colleagues in the website’s support section for free advice and purchase guidance and make your purchase over the phone.

The End

we’ve talked about types of traffic cones and the use of each. Warning signs for road changes, protecting people’s lives from accidents, and reducing the possibility of mistakes in driving are made with various types of traffic cones. The importance of this traffic equipment is apparent in an accident-prone area; all traffic equipment is available and can be ordered in the online store of Farto Traffic.