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Creating security in the streets, intersections, highways and communication axes between different cities is one of the most important things that the roads, municipalities and related institutions in every country and city should pay special attention to. Traffic equipment has been designed and formed to achieve such a goal. Traffic equipment can establish order and security at the level of a city or country by creating obstacles in the streets, limiting dangerous axes and roads, and providing awareness about the laws and dangers governing a road or axis.

The Tank case is considered one of the modern traffic equipment that can inform drivers about the existence of danger by creating barriers and warning signs, especially in high-risk places such as sharp turns of roads or exits of highways. This category of traffic equipment can give drivers enough time to react by informing them in time, thus preventing accidents and severe and dangerous collisions.

Tank case

You must have seen this device if you have experience driving on intercity freeways and intercity highways. The tank case is a large tank with a height of 90 cm, placed at the highway exit, next to roads and freeways. This device is made of polyethylene, and due to its unique structural features, it can act as a warning or danger sign on the streets and roads.

A tank case is a plastic tank installed to inform and warn the drivers of the danger in the passing routes’ limits and near the intersections where the drivers need to change the road. The coloured strip installed on the surface of the traffic tank reflects the light well so that it is easily visible during the night, like the traffic signs, and provides more safety for the drivers. These pieces of equipment should provide a smooth and gradual transition for the traffic passing from one lane to another lane or the side of the crossing or detour or when reducing the width of the road in excavations. This product is considered a traffic separator used to block the route.

Features of Tank case

The Tank case is traffic equipment used as a separator to create a safe space in many places. It is crucial to use the right colour in the product to prevent vehicles from hitting it.

  • Tank case has a long life and resistance to extreme cold and heat.
  • Tank case is a traffic safety equipment used in many places to create a safe space against collisions and as a separator.
  • Tank case has been selected from many models due to the use of high-quality polyethylene and night-coloured materials.
  • It is of great importance to use night-coloured (be careful that they don’t sell you a colour sticker) suitable for the product to prevent vehicles from hitting it.
  • This product is a Tank case and has a curved design. A
  • This product is installed in changing routes and intersections where drivers need to change direction.
  • The surface of the Tank case reflects light well and provides more safety for drivers during the night and traffic signs.

What are the uses of the Tank case?

The most important application of the Tank case is to provide security for the crossing axes for cars. This device is usually used at dangerous road turns, especially in places without good visibility. This category of traffic equipment is easily recognizable during the day due to its structural characteristics. Usually, the colour of the body of these devices easily attracts attention, and drivers can notice the presence of danger or obstacles from a long distance. On the other hand, the use of night light strips in the body of this equipment can inform night drivers about the presence of an obstacle or danger. Tank cases are usually used in sharp turns, at the exit of highways, freeways and highways and in places where drivers have to change directions quickly.

However, this category of traffic equipment has other uses, which we will briefly mention below:

Creation of temporary barriers: in case of breakage or failure in a part of the guardrail of roads, freeways and highways, Tank cases can be used. This device is placed in the place of loss and can act as a warning factor while creating an environmental obstacle.

Creating obstacles during road repairs: If a part of the street, road or highway needs repair, the municipality and the relevant officials must use warning and appropriate barriers at the repair site. One of the ideal choices for such a purpose is Tank cases. This category of traffic equipment is resistant to possible impacts and, as a result, can reduce the risk of collision between machines and workers and tools. On the other hand, the alarming nature of this type of equipment can create standard and ideal conditions for securing the workshop environment.

The advantages of using a Tank case

  • Can be installed and assembled in different sizes and modes
  • It has warning reflectors
  • The Tank case manufacturing company has produced the best examples to ensure the safety of the driver and passengers.
  • Tank case has a long lifespan and is resistant to cold and heat
  • Creating a safe space for encounters as well as separation
  • Tank case has become more popular among other products due to the use of polyethylene and excellent colour
  • The use of night-coloured is crucial to prevent vehicle collisions
  • This product is produced from a Tank case and has a curved shape
  • This Tank case is installed to change routes and intersections where drivers need to change direction
  • The surface of the tanks reflects the light well

How to buy and order

The Tank case helps ensure road safety, determine the streets’ boundaries, prevent cars from leaving the designated area, identify the blindspots and depressions of the streets, protect road workers’ lives, etc. Therefore, purchasing this product helps to improve road safety and reduce accidents.

Farto Traffic Company, having experience in producing and selling all kinds of traffic equipment with different dimensions according to the Ministry of Roads and Municipality standards, is ready to make your orders. You can order all types of road safety equipment online or contact our consultants for information on the price and purchase or order the desired products from Farto Traffic.