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The sand and salt container is made of thick polyethylene (plastic) placed next to the roads. They can bear weight and resist heat, cold and precipitation (snow and rain). Other advantages of the sand and salt bin include proper height, resistant body, easy emptying, no penetration of dust and water inside the container, stable colour and anti-UV. In this context, we will discuss the sand and salt container and introduce you to this valuable product and its uses.

Sand and salt container

Sand and salt container are required equipment on all roads and cold areas. Freezing and reducing the friction of highways and streets is one of the problems of cold regions and causes many problems. Therefore, placing large containers with different capacities on the roads and passages that can accommodate a large amount of sand or salt is one of the needs of the cold seasons of the year.

These containers are placed to container large amounts of salt or sand. They must also be extreme and able to withstand all kinds of weather and environmental conditions throughout the year so that the sand or salt stored in them can be used when needed. In the cold seasons of the year, using sand and salt becomes more necessary due to the freezing of the surface of the passages and roads.

These containers and traffic barrels are produced in different capacities to container sand or salt as much as needed. One of the crucial features of this container is that it can be transported by forklift trucks, which makes it easy to move these containers.

The sand and salt container is made in sizes of 200 kg or 400 kg. These containers’ bodies are made of heavy polyethylene, which prevents the container from eroding or breaking. Also, the type of polyethylene used in these containers has caused the container not to damage and wear against external factors such as moisture, cold and freezing.

The sand and salt bin is made to open and close quickly, and it is made with a slope so that snow does not fall on it. The container lid is completely tight, and water and humidity cannot leak into the container. This container is durable throughout the year and will not lose its strength even in the hot days of the year under the sun.

Characteristics of salt and sand container

One of the characteristics of sand and salt containers is their easy portability by road vehicles. This product has capacities such as 200, 400, 600, and 660 litres. The height of these containers reaches 60 cm in the front and 80 cm in the back. Typically, sand and salt bins are produced in sizes of length 125 cm, width 105 cm and heights 75 cm. Also, having a bright yellow colour in these containers makes these containers better visible in bad weather conditions.

usage of salt and sand container

These containers are used on roads and roads, in residential areas, universities, schools, or giant workplaces with high traffic. The use of these containers due to the ease of transportation, large capacity to contain sand and salt, increased strength of the materials used in the production of the container, sloping door, and high resistance to all kinds of impacts and weather conditions have made this product one of the It has become a handy and efficient traffic equipment to meet the needs of roads and streets in cold regions when the roads are frozen and slippery.

In addition, the easy extraction of sand from these reservoirs has made it possible to quickly and easily use sand for sprinkling on frozen roads. To buy this sand container in different capacities, you can go to the Farto Traffic site now, and by purchasing this product, you will receive it in the shortest time.

The reason the most critical salt and sand container

Since the sand and salt container is very necessary in cold areas and with sudden rains, these containers are placed on the side of roads and highways, terminals, streets, and in some public places such as schools; Even some apartment units have one of these containers. These containers are necessary because of the use of sand and salt in snow removal. Salt and sand are sprinkled on road surfaces all over the world. The grains of salt melts the ice, and the grains of sand prevent the wheels of cars from slipping by increasing friction. The colder the weather and the lower the temperature, the more salt and sand are needed. For this reason, a large reserve of sand and salt should be available.

The End

Farto Traffic has years of experience selling all kinds of security devices, is equipped with all types of sand and salt containers, and has included online shopping in its business plan. This company, having various types in terms of design and size, has provided the possibility of choosing and comparing the product with the products of similar companies for its dear customers so that people can make the most suitable choice. If you have any questions before buying a salt and sand container, contact Farto Traffic experts.