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What is a guardrail reflector?

Guardrail reflectors are objects installed on guardrail fences, and for producing these parts, very resistant and hard raw materials are used. This product is used to reflect light and guide drivers on dark roads, and it is one of the most used and essential sections on the streets. Due to being in open spaces and different weather conditions, guardrail reflectors must have the ability to withstand changing weather conditions and be able to withstand damage caused by extreme cold, high humidity, dust, and the harmful rays of the sun.

Guardrails are generally roadside and median protections used for excellent safety on roads and highways. As mentioned, guardrails prevent vehicles from falling into ravines and road accidents and maintain the safety of roadways and highways. Since guardrails are considered essential traffic equipment, it should also be taken into account that these sections cannot be seen at night and on dark roads without road lighting; that is why guardrails are an integral part of guardrails.

Features of the guardrail reflector

  • Made of anti-shock and anti-scratch lens grade materials with anti-UV and anti-static
  • Dust absorption and visibility up to 200 meters
  • With a reflection power of at least two times that of engineering paints

Types of guardrail reflectors

In the following, we discuss the types of guardrail reflectors and the advantages of each. Generally, guardrail reflectors are produced and used in two varieties, metal and plastic. The galvanized 2-mil sheet is used to make metal guardrails, and the advantages of metal guardrails compared to the plastic type are their high light reflection and high resistance in all weather conditions. Also, these sections are easily installed on the guardrails with a screw. Plastic guardrail reflectors also have unique features, one of the most important of which is that they do not bend or break when vehicles hit them. The direction of choosing each of these two types of guardrail reflectors depends on conditions such as road conditions and the severity of impact, weather conditions and the place of use.

Another type of guardrail reflector is the two-sided one, which is made of anti-shock and scratch-resistant lenses. These sections are anti-absorption of dust and water, and washing them does not change the quality of the guardrail reflector. Also, due to its precise geometrical shape, these sections provide better road visibility. They will not have rotation and drooping, resulting from the driver’s lack of visibility. These safety products can see up to 200 meters with high reflection power (at least two times) and are produced and supplied in three colours: white, yellow, and red, and in two-sided and one-sided models.

The price of a guardrail reflector

The price of a guardrail reflector is variable and determined according to the materials used in its construction. Above, we mentioned the types of guardrail reflectors. If you intend to buy a guardrail reflector, check all the conditions, including the type of guardrail you want to install on it, as well as the amount of impact and weather conditions, then buy a guardrail reflector according to your needs so that you can get the best price for the guardrail reflector. Prepare the guardrail. Usually, the cost of metal guardrails is generally higher than plastic guardrails due to their strength and long life.

Buy guardrail reflectors

To buy guardrail reflectors on the Farto Traffic site, you can type the name of the product you want in the search bar to directly see the types of products available in this field. After choosing the product, order through the store’s communication channels. The price of a guardrail reflector is determined according to the materials used in its construction. Generally, the cost of the metal type is higher than the plastic type due to its strength and longer life. We suggest that you contact our experts for advice and to know the price of guardrail reflectors.

The End

Guardrail reflectors are products for better visibility at night that can help drivers find the main road. Guardrail reflectors can be used in all guardrails, including street, road, freeway and highway guardrails, and the border of traffic and road markings. Their primary use is to guide and increase the visibility of drivers on dangerous and winding roads, especially at night, which, through light reflection, lead to increased safety and visibility of drivers, especially in unfavourable weather conditions. Of course, it should also be remembered that guardrails alone play an influential role in road traffic; they should be easily visible to all vehicles. Therefore, for a better view of the guardrails, guardrail reflectors should be installed on them.

You can visit the Farto Traffic store to buy quality guardrail reflectors.